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Mango Crunchy Mousse Birthday Cake 芒果慕斯生日蛋糕

Enjoy a wave of tropical fruits aroma with the sweet and fragrant golden mango chunks, and a splash of passion fruit puree. Layered with a crispy wafer biscuit, bringing the taste and texture of this mousse cake to another level. Bite into a combination of the juicy tropics and crispy wafer with a smile that warms your heart. Come and experience it today! 香甜金色的芒果果肉块,与几滴百香果汁,油内而外,散发出馥郁的热带果香,可以品尝到芒果果肉的甜蜜芬芳。搭配一层威化脆饼把蛋糕的口感升级了一番。 把芒果,慕斯与脆饼一起放进嘴里,这幸福感~快来体验哟~

Royal Chocolate Hazelnut Crunchy Mousse Birthday Cake 皇家巧克力坚果慕斯生日蛋糕

Le Royal Chocolate Hazelnut. A rich chocolate mousse is topped with crispy chocolate pearls from the top french brand 'Valrhona' and a layer of crunchy hazelnut wafer. The fine hazelnut nougat creme imported from Germany are more refined in flavour, aroma and texture. This classic pairing is similar to taking a bite of your all time favourite 'Ferrero biscuit', that one can never get tired of eating. It makes people want to eat it again and again! 皇家巧克力坚果。浓香丰满的巧克力慕斯加上顶级法国法芙娜品牌的巧克力香脆珍珠颗粒,还有脆脆的坚果威化饼。德国进口榛子坚果果酱。更香醇,更细腻,更顺滑。坚持使用皇家般的食材只为配得上最尊贵的您。经典搭配  够香,也够脆。 “有如费列罗的味道“ 永远吃不腻,唇齿间,一时浓香丰满。让人吃了还想吃!

Chocolate Summer Berries Mousse Birthday Cake 巧克力漿果慕斯生日蛋糕

If you prefer something not too sweet and love the kick of a sour burst; Try this combination of Mixed Summer Berries paired with 54.5% Dark Chocolate Mousse seated on a biscuit crust. (:

Love – Cookie Pop Set

5 x Chocolate Coated Oreo Cookie Pops.